A computer is an electronic device that performs both mathematical and logical operations with large/small storage capacity. It is a programmable device for processing, storing, and also displaying all kinds of data information. Full form of computer is C– Common, O– Operating, M– Machine, P– Personal, U– Used for,

The abacus was a computing system utilized for hundreds of years and is actually treated to be the first calculator. In the 16th century, in China, the first calculating system was called Abacus. The same element of the structure is still unrecognized but the Sumerian abacus appeared as early as 2700-2300 BC in

Computer Coding is mostly the computer language utilized to expand apps, websites, and software. Computer devices can’t communicate in our language, they only understand the machine code as binary language. So what a coder does is translate the requirements into a language that a machine will understand.

Computer software is a program or set of instructions that instruct the user about the machine and tell the hardware what to do is called computer software. It is the combination of instruction and data. The software can broadly be classified into two categories-(1) System software (2) Application software

A computer which are we purchasing and we have to see the characteristics of a laptop or an all-in-one desktop. It depends on our preference if we want portability then we have to go with a laptop. If we don’t mind being stationary we got our computer desk already set up for it then go to the desktop.

Digital marketing is the utilize of the Internet, mobile phones, social media, search engines, and lots of other channels opportunity to connect customers. Most of the marketing consultant acknowledge digital marketing to be an absolutely new effort which needs a modern system of getting closer with consumers

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