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Hello, friends I am Mihir Borah,  founder of mihirb.com. My hometown is Dibrugarh, Assam(India).  I have started my blog website in the mid of 2020. I especially thank all the site owners and partners of products like domain, hosting, theme, images, amazon, and all plugins which are I am using on my website.

My website is about computer technology tutorial blog and digital marketing. I promote the best computer technology products through amazon affiliate. I am trying my best to share my knowledge and experience with you through my blog. I will also promote the best of the best computer products for you and your benefits. Hope you all support me and my blog. You can also share your knowledge and experience by comment below.

For any query email us at mihirb792@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter- @mihirbT, follow me on Instagram ac- mihirbtech , Pinterest- MIHIR BORAH, Pinterest Business Hub- Computer Technology, Check my Facebook profile- Mihir Borah, facebook page – Mihir Tech, Quora AC- Mihir Borah, Quora space- Mihir Borah

We are digital marketers

we help you get best ideas about computer products through our site

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