Affiliate marketing on amazon

Affiliate marketing is the method of promoting any kind of goods, courses, or service and then getting some amount of commission while our visitors click on the link to visit purchase the required item.

There are lots of affiliate programs that provide us referral commissions while our visitors purchase referred items or courses from the specific link which we have shared.

For example, while our visitor clicks on the link to shop from, we get some amount of commission. The payment is normally transferred to the marketer’s bank account.

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program approves influencers, content creators, bloggers, and marketers to monetize their site followers through promoting
Amazon products.

It’s a free affiliate program to join for promoting products. We will get some commission if a visitor clicks on the Amazon link on our website to buy
any products.

The commissions are between 1% to 25% but depending on the product category and country.

History of Amazon affiliate marketing

The Amazon affiliate marketing demand is not getting quickly. Amazon entered this world in 1996 with its associate’s program.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the Amazon Associates Program.  A simple meeting of an author with the company holder gets excellent outcomes for the website.

A minor change in business cards has pushed for the evolution of the best trading platform internationally.

Still, they are not the ones who initiated the concept of an affiliate program, they were the 1st to engage the audience of the whole world.

Their business structure turn into the design for all affiliate networks which followed. Amazon’s structure for paying some percentage of the commission of the purchased product.

Amazon publishers

Amazon initiated as an online bookstore. But progressively rules have upgraded. This program allows us the sale of products to set up our own online store like eCommerce.

The purposeful audience on amazon is no longer poets and readers. Amazon publishers can sell all types of products after upgraded rules and regulations.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon

Entering into the amazon affiliate program is very simple. The system starts with direct login or sign-up to our Amazon account link.

For promoting our products, we will need a blog website or a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, etc. After we get approved, we must have to follow the process

(1) Answer the questions- Which product we can campaign and What is my niche? What can I benefit from and giveaway to my visitors?

Is the product important to our audience? Why is it useful to engage with us? Defining our motive will be beneficial to us in the application system.

(2) Enter correctly our data in all application forms for our account. Check it and fill in the store ID as we like.

(3) Display from where we acquire our website traffic. How much traffic currently visits?

(4) Choose the payment process or we can skip this process for later.

(5) After all these processes did we have to wait for Amazon to authorize our application? If our website maintains all the demands, we get approved into the program in minimum time.

(6) After we’ve been approved, we can enter into our Amazon Associates page. Over the dashboard, we’ll see all details like monthly, weekly results, and commission analysis. After that, we can start making our products affiliate links.

How Does Amazon Associates Work?

Amazon affiliate program authorizes us to promote applicable Amazon products to our online market by applying a special product link.

When visitors click the link, they will visit If visitors buy any product within a day, we will get some amount of commission.

This payment depends on a percentage of the product’s price and differs by product category.

If a customer closes their tab without purchasing any product, we can’t get a single commission only for those clicks.

But if customers return later to our website applying one of our affiliate links, a fresh whole-day opportunity provides us to get a commission.

It’s essential to realize that the opportunity ends when a customer buys a product or visits again the site by applying another affiliate’s link.

In lots of cases visitors click our affiliate link to visit Amazon, add to the cart, and then log out without purchasing the product, the order details stay amazon cookies policy in their cart for 90 days, and we will still receive a referral fee.

The payment will only show on our account after the customer buys the product and gets the delivery.

Amazon affiliate commission

Our partnership with Amazon is excellent, we can get the advantage of more traffic to our website because of amazons trust.

Do we have to know When we will receive our payment in our bank account? But the problem is that we don’t get any money in the case of if a customer rejects an order just before the shipping or placing it and the product is returned after delivery.

In amazon associates, there are 3 types of the payment process

Direct deposit- We can receive direct deposits to our bank account if we give our banking information to an Amazon associate. We should have to get at least $10 for receiving our payment.

By Cheque- We can receive a cheque from Amazon if we provide our mailing address. The minimum payment for cheques is at least $100 and it will debit us a $15 tax.

Amazon gift card- Amazon will send gift cards to our provided email address. At least 10$ is the minimum amount for getting our payment.

Take action

Working with the Amazon Affiliates Program is a kind of responsibility. There is an extra possibility for our future of us, but we have to give extra effort definitely.

After approving the associate program, we get six months time period to achieve 3 sales of the target to prove ourselves the capability for continuing with amazon.

If we can’t achieve this target then our associated account will be rejected. But Amazon gives us the opportunity to re-apply other associated accounts if we want to continue to work on our website.

Amazon affiliate salary

Amazon gives us the payment to the publisher after the end of each month of the product purchased if the product completed the return or refund period.

Amazon gives us the opportunity to receive payment by direct deposit, Amazon gift card, or cheque. Payment transfer systems are like Paypal, Payoneer,

Amazon affiliate cookie

The Amazon associate links benefit us classify from where we get visitors. An Amazon affiliate cookie remains for a single day. Only we can get payment from sales made within one day cookie period.

How much can Amazon affiliates earn with the Program?

It depends on the potentiality of engagements and conversions of our audiences. Our content, online marketing ideas, and executions will all require earnings.

The yearly benefit for an Amazon affiliate marketer is $55,000 approximately. But nowadays if we can analyze we can see the most successful affiliate marketers are earning a huge amount of money each month.

We can search for the list of commission rates for each category product, so we can calculate our payouts as we can execute our working ideas.

The conversion rates are very essential for us for earnings as an Amazon affiliate. Conversions calculate the number of selling products after clicking the link.

Who is Eligible to be an Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon affiliates are the huge and largest affiliate platform internationally. Amazon brings us free joining for associate accounts.

Once Amazon accepts our application to be an affiliate, we can promote their products immediately after approval. We have an acceptable platform for promoting Amazon products and services. These platforms are like

(1) Website

The best and most popular process to promote Amazon products is a website, like a blog, or an eCommerce store website. We have to create some unique and
relevant content for our blog to approve our website.

The website must be two months old and we should follow terms and conditions. Our content must not include

(a) No harm to psychological or private property rights.
(b) Not to include sexually intended contents.
(c) Not to promote any attack or criminal activities.
(d) Not to show intolerance depending on race, gender, sexual guidance, nationality, and age.

(2) Social media

Our social media account should have been regularly maintained with a minimum of 500 organic followers.

Amazon affiliate permits advertising on social media platforms like Facebook page or group, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch.

(3) Applications

Another excellent platform to promote our affiliate products on apps if applicable terms and conditions. These rules are
(a) Be accessible on Amazon, Apple, and Google Play stores for free.
(b) Provide unique content.
(c) Not similar to Amazon’s shopping site.
(d) Avoid price tracking features from amazon.

What is the Application Process to be an Amazon Affiliate?

Here’s a complete process to guide how to get started.

(1) Search for Amazon Associates.

Click “Sign Up” or we can log in with our remaining account if we already have one.

(2) Fill up the account details

It requires our essential data like name, address, contact information, email, etc.

We have to include necessary URLs (s) like our website(s), social media channels, groups, and apps.

Amazon approves up to 50 websites or mobile apps, for promoting products in various counties.

(3) Select a store ID

Amazon gives us personal store ID like the name of our main website

We have to define how we get the audience to engage with our site. We can explain how we get the audience to our blog website.

Also, we can define how we monetize from our marketing ideas, and explain our link-creating system.

(4) Decide on a payment

We have to submit our payment and tax ID information. We have the right to fill up various payment data next.

Go to the dashboard and put our 4-digit PIN which is provided by Amazon. Then we can wait for Amazon to accept our application.

If our website fits all the terms and conditions and we properly enter all data for required fields, after that we should be approved into the associate program in the minimum time.

After Amazon approved our application, we can log in to our Amazon Associates page. Over the dashboard, we can visualize all specific details like monthly, weekly summaries, and commission overviews.

After getting all ideas we can make affiliate links when we need them for promotion.

If we need to work for various Amazon countries, we have to create an account for each country at the same registration process as discussed.

For example, if we’re like to promote products on in the US we have to require to sign up for the Amazon Associates program on and if we want to promote in the UK we have to sign up for, for India sign up for Amazon. in, etc.

How to create Amazon Affiliate links?

Amazon has a strict policy for affiliate links in place. To perform it simply for affiliates, the site brings product linking tools to select from.

(a) Product Link Tool

We can make text or image links using this tool.

Go to the Product Linking tab on our Amazon Associates Central dashboard-> Select “Product Links” from the menu-> Allow all items an ASID (Amazon Standard Identification Number)-> Select the “Go” button to get a new affiliate link-> Select “Get link” to make an image-only URL and different choices.

(b) Banner Creation Tool

This tool is especially for creating attractive banners to advertise Amazon products and exclusive offers.

See the Product Linking drop-down menu-> Select the “Banner Creation Tool” button-> Choose from an extensive range of banners organized by size and
genre-> Site Stripe

Lots of Amazon affiliate marketers know the Site Stripe is the easiest way in this toolbox since it applicable affiliates to create links straightly from an Amazon page.

Select Associates Central-> “Site Stripe” from Tools-> Select the “Learn More” button to unlock the display settings window for learning the all information-> Select the option to “Enable.”

What Are the Amazon Associates Guidelines?

To get our associate account, we have to follow the associate’s program guidelines. The performing guidelines are partitioned into 6 ways. These are the ways we have to follow are

(a) Make 3 purchases in 6 months to prevent account deactivation.

We can become an Amazon affiliate marketer if our website already getting a good number of organic traffic. If not, it can be very difficult to get sales.

In case we can’t able to get targeted sales in six months we can reapply with another email account when we need.

But we have to realize that we can’t buy any products using our affiliate link, Amazon’s policies are very strict to follow their rules, to be aware of account deactivation.

(b) Put an outstanding Amazon affiliate disclosure

Amazon Associates needs their affiliates to expose the business motives on their websites. The Federal Trade Commission authorized this exposure.

So, it’s necessary to include a disclaimer page. It should be simple to read and understand for our audiences.

To make it easier for associates, Amazon allows this easy description as a disclaimer “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

(c) Stay away from Amazon affiliate links cloaking

Amazon strictly restricts link cloaking as the company believes in clarity. We can’t apply a URL shortener tool completely for readability.

We can install an affiliate plugin to place affiliate links into our blogs simply, and avoid link cloaking instead of plugin settings.

(d) Keep honest from pricing promotional products

Amazon does not permit set pricing on promotional products. Reasonably, price fluctuation at any time and the online retailer doesn’t need affiliates to negligently promote fake data.

Applying a price mention is strict for this program. For example, we can apply $ for low expensive products, $$ for medium-cost products, and $$$ for high-cost products.

We can also apply the Amazon Associates API, it manages the price in real-time while the price fluctuates on Amazon.

(e) Stay away from self-hosting product images saved from Amazon

Amazon has strict policies on the use of a product image straightly downloaded from Amazon, we can’t host it on our server.

In case, if we prepare an image and link straightly from the site or through the API, we can apply the image on our marketing media seeing it loads from Amazon’s servers.

It’s better to apply our own edited images, but we can’t paste an affiliate link straight to our images.

We have to create a custom button with our Amazon affiliate link separate from the image.

(f) Apply caution when adding affiliate links

Amazon restricts applying their affiliate links on some advertising platforms like offline marketing supplies, emails, eBooks, PDFs, and private Facebook groups.

How Can we improve our Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategies?

Affiliate marketing is an idea of a game. We require massive website traffic and sufficient followers to get more engagements to sales.

There are some ideas to advantage us turn into an outstanding Amazon affiliate marketer

(a) Pick a niche

The niche we select according to our expertise field will get into successful Amazon Associate. This idea will be simpler if we have a website or blog. The goods we link should be related to our niche.

For newbies, we have to select only the expertise field we’re passionate about. It permits us to add product links easily and without any issues promotional.

(b) Make special content for various platforms

We should have to make the unique and best content that will benefit us to rank on top, build authority, make trust with our required audience.

Make our content the individual level by disseminating it on different platforms. We can write about our experienced field and then explain it on YouTube.

(c) Do product reviews and comparisons

Making product reviews and comparisons is the best idea to increase our Amazon affiliate links and paste them into our blog content.

Product reviews have the benefit of being high potential content as the viewer is expected only an action far from buying.

Also, product comparisons help us have higher possibilities to paste affiliate links. We can also give our audiences options, so it’s a good deal.

(d) Upload content regularly

We have to maintain our blog website and social media progressive. Consistently upload our content on all platforms, with the best quality content.

It’s excellent to upload 4/5 blog content in a month if they’re well studied and with products related to posting each week but with rich content.

Accept a content marketing idea and combine superb SEO practices to benefit us write suited useful blog posts.

Why you should become an affiliate marketer for Amazon

All we like is to earn an extra income. Amazon’s affiliate program is very easy. Following are some features we have to sign up to be an Amazon associate.

(a) Very easy to start and work with- We first have to register or sign up on Amazon associate program. Amazon needs some time to authorize our registration.

After Amazon approves our associate account, as soon as we can start sharing affiliate product links.

(b) Amazon is a reliable company- Amazon is the largest online retail platform internationally. It is a reliable and popular company in the world since starting.

The website audience will understand accurately what our affiliate link diverts to, and will not be afraid to click the button. Reliability is the key to affiliate marketing online.

(c) Tremendous choices- We don’t have to be afraid about what we like to promote. There are over 120 million items being sold on Amazon, so we’ll never have afraid to select a useful product to promote on our platform.

(d) 24 hours of earning potential- Amazon associates paid us for each product when visitors buy within 1 day of clicking the affiliate link.

If a visitor clicks our affiliate link and purchases a product, we get a commission per sale according to the product category.

Why is Amazon the Best Affiliate Program?

Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate program in the marketing industry. Lots of beginners admire why they should even have difficulty with Amazon when there are lots of affiliate programs to select from online marketing.

After all, we believe that Amazon is a superb program for newbies affiliates,s, to begin with, because of its reliability, popularity, good commission schedule, and large product lists.

When we experienced the Amazon Associates program, we might feel how expensive it is.

Amazon has a large category of products, containing more items that are higher than normal physical products like music, movies, and video games.

Disadvantages of Amazon affiliate marketing

Associating with Amazon affiliates has some disadvantages. These are like

(a) Category relevant commission- Very low percentage Commission for various products and lots of categories. If we’re constantly working on a blog website explaining video games, thus there have some disadvantages.

Physical copies of video games and video game consoles bought from affiliate links will give us only 1% of the sales.

Not all products are created exact level when it comes to Amazon’s affiliate program, so we have to study a thorough breakdown of commission rates before beginning on our affiliate journey.

(b) We have to wait for sales- We can only earn commission as an affiliate marketer if our website is getting a huge amount of traffic in the 1st place.

This is a very long process to profit. If we have an online platform like a website, mobile app, or social media site with organic traffic, this is a superb option to get more profit. It needs a lot of time, hard work, patience, and discipline.


We don’t think it quick rich scheme and get money easily. We can’t predict a large number of profits in the minimum days of our beginning. We have to work lots of time and ideas to take process.

Study the Amazon Associates Program policies thoroughly and get all ideas on how to create an International marketing brand applying normal tools.

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