ASUS ROG Strix G17 gaming laptop with AMD CPU

ASUS ROG Strix G17 gaming laptop 17.3 inches with AMD CPU

Product features

Product Series– ASUS ROG Strix G17
Product Brand– ASUS
Product Screen Size– 17.3 Inches
Product Operating System– Windows 10 Home
Product Human Interface Input– Keyboard
Product CPU Manufacturer– AMD
Product Card Description– Dedicated
Product Color– Eclipse Gray
Product Hard Disk– 1 TB SSD
Product RAM– 16 GB DDR4
Product Processor Count– 8
Product weight– 5.95 pounds
Product dimensions– 15.55 x 11.1 x 1.11 inches

Product details

(1) The Asus ROG Strix G7 is especially for gaming purposes with 3 specific colors that make a fresh view to the extra level.

Dark pure Black and cool Gray cover makes the design feels like a superb gaming laptop.

We can game everywhere on a small surface up to more little and extra compact than old versions.

Admirable carves and icons beautify the structure and similarly increase attraction to the base of the laptop, adjusting the body aside at all sides.

Brighten our surrounding with Aura Sync highlight which lightens from the metallic ROG logo, beyond the backlit keyboard, to the cover light bar.

(2) The upgraded light bar multiply the frequency of LEDs to make a higher sophisticated blaze below the structure.

We can easily manage our Aura Sync settings to fit the standard gaming mind over the whole surroundings of suitable systems.

(3) From its aluminum-wrapped material to its created design, this laptop integrates power with an active design.

The hardware top prevents damages and crashes when further including thinner bezels.

The plastic palm rest remains cooler to the touch for better enjoyable long-run gaming periods.

And the embed hold along with the base remains implanted during gaming and prepares the structure simple to grip on working.

(4) Intended firepower integrates and raises the core Windows 10 Pro gaming practice in the ROG Strix G17.

Totally-control on gaming quickness with a gaming-standard presentation likely 300Hz/3ms, or saturate in the perfect description on a WQHD 165Hz/3ms board.

Flexible adjustment creates gameplay extra soft, during upgraded thermal updates benefit us remain cool in the long run.

In any case, what our game is, we might get our perfect gaming experience with great gaming senses.

(5) The modern ROG Strix version comes with deliberate gaming power into an extra compact design.

For 15 inch versions, the footprint is 7% smaller than the old version, when 17 inch versions are 5% more small.

The clean and modern structure creates it simple than all-time to gaming everywhere.

It further permits an 85% screen-to-body ratio with extra-thin bezels which create gameplay higher appeal.

(6) Asus ROG update continuously satisfaction and benefit with an effective touchpad area which is 85% bigger than old versions.

The extra capacity means higher attention with higher satisfying hand position and body movements when we gaming.

The glass pad is covered in a matte finish which increases power with a soft easy sense.

(7) The upgraded processors team up to take down gaming, various working, etc. NVIDIA graphics likely a GeForce RTX 3070 GPU gives the effortless frame rates, when up to an overclockable AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU make potential via hard work.

Loaded with up to 32GB of high-performance DDR4-3200 RAM, we might game, stream, and performs consistently.

Likely 1TB of NVMe SSD memory quicken store times for games and software, and a second M.2 slot gives us adjust extra drive to increase our storage.

(8) We can select among more repair rate visualizes to personalize our gaming experience.

The two boards increase engagement with flexible-integrate technology which excludes screen disturbing and lowers difficulties.

Extra small bezels structure our visual, decrease complications to remain us continue in the picture.

(9) Maintain a low image with silent, more efficient cooling. Wet kind of thermal paste remove more heat from the CPU.

Arc circulate fans rotate 84 blades all with an upgrade structure that extracts a large amount of air without disturbance.

Air circulates via likely 4 heatsinks and fan channels to quickly remove heat.

These all modifications permit ROG increase to overclock the GPU in Turbo mode, and it opens up additional thermal allowance to continue even higher GPU clocks and further overclock the CPU.

(10) Brings us dual Smart Amp speakers fire sound straightly to us for increased sharpness.

Wear headphones to get virtual 5.1.2-channel surround sound presented by Dolby Atmos, and be at the point of the action.

Dual-channel AI Noise-Cancelation lowers explosion from incoming and outgoing audio, it creates clear chat, streaming, and more connections.

(11) We can do extra work with a more potential battery. Increase battery life aside from wall sockets with Type-C charging from suitable energetic equipment.

For regular performance such as internet searching and streaming video, we can use a little USB-C adapter up to 100W and tour alike low weight with one charger for our laptop and phone.

(12) Attention and feeling determine the desktop motivated keyboard. 5 committed hotkeys set regularly practiced forces inside capacity, so we might create immediate manages when a delay in the progress of the work.

Large, separated arrows, and superb distance use keys give us utilize higher possibly and perfectly. Focus on important orders with per-key RGB backlit.

Tap in our inputs without hesitation with long-lasting key buttons made to stick up to 20 million tapes.

(13) We can play at gigabit speeds where suitable communications are possible with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

It increases link high frequency, expanded ability and accuracy on loaded internet, and brings quickness in gaming.

ROG RangeBoost increases gathering by analyzing the indication power of 4 inner antennas and then selecting the great combination to execute for our area, lowers the unseen area, and maximizes space by likely 30%.

(14) Boost the capacity of our settings with an adaptable choice of I/O ports. Connect modern systems at Gen 2 quicken through the USB 3.2 Type-C with DisplayPort 1.4 and USB energy provided.

3 Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports are ready for our special gaming accessories, while HDMI 2.0b gives us to link a 4K monitor or TV at up to 60Hz. The special ports are importantly placed behind to control wires out of our slot.

(15) Asus ROG provided Armoury Crate software connects devices and adjusts brightness to put special setups easily in one function.

We can simply specify and design scheme Pictures which mechanically creates adjustments while we make our special headings.

(16) We can update our Strix G17 practice with 2 batch benefits. The Electro Punk fit apparels features beyond identical units, along with the ROG Strix Go Core Electro Punk headset, ROG Strix Impact II Electro Punk gaming mouse, ROG Strix Electro Punk mouse pad, and strong ROG Electro Punk backpack.

For stealthier design, we might also bundle our collapse gaming mouse and black ROG backpack.

All batches present a ROG GC21 exterior camera which takes Full HD the picture is at 60 FPS, plus a Type-C charger with 100W USB energy distribution.


(1) It is lighter, quieter, only uses one power supply.
(2) Superb graphics card, high speed.
(3) Immediately can manage all games.
(4) Extraordinary fast gaming laptop.
(5) Excellent keyboard with decent travel, clicky feedback with an RGB backlight.
(6) ROG applies liquid metal for cooling the CPU.
(7) Double M.2 PCIe structure, and dual RAM SODIMM slots with Wi-Fi 6.
(8) Excellent durable battery life for a gaming laptop.
(9) Brings 300Hz 1080p IPS panel, or a 165Hz 1440p IPS one.


(1) No webcam provided.
(2) No SD card reader and Thunderbolt device.
(3) GPU warms up minimum time after start gaming.
(4) Little Arrow keys.

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