Best computer buying guide for beginners. Learn now.

Hello, friends in today’s topic we will discuss the best computer buying guide for beginners. If you want to buy a computer, it is a desktop or a laptop we will explain some valuable features which we require to focus on before we buy.

A computer which are we purchasing and we have to see the characteristics of a laptop and a desktop or an all-in-one desktop. Normally, the tower and the screen separated while the all-in-one system is usually the tower part of it.

The screen part blends it all together and of course, we know to come with a keyboard and mouse separately whether you go with a desktop or you go with a laptop. It depends on our preference if we want portability then we have to go with a laptop.

If we don’t mind being stationary we got our computer desk already set up for it then go to the desktop. What we see the computer system with the tower and the screen separate is up to you that’s going to be based on space.

The all-in-one system is a space-saving structure so we prepare the choice based on our requirements. Now let’s go into the heart of the computer and talk about the internal parts which we require to know. And also explain where to purchase it.

(1) Processor
(2) RAM
(3) Graphics card
(4) Storage
(5) Screen
(6) Sound
(7) Keyboard and mouse
(8) Software
(9) UPS
(10) Online Shopping guide

The processor is the main part of our pc and also a most important part of our topic best computer buying guide. Intel and AMD make processors for our computer system. They are normally functioning the same as processors.

The AMD processors contribute to be that they claim much energy. But if we’re a new user don’t require to buy the upper-level processor, that’s may costly. If that’s not what we’re be prepared for by reason of while we upgrade upper level in the category we might be spending much more and then we might have the functioning capacity which we’re not actually going to bring the benefit of. So we have to start off with the minimum. The lowest we’re going to take on the Intel side is the i3.

The same part on the AMD we bring Ryzen three Intel as i5 AMD has Ryzen five Intel as i7 AMD has Ryzen seven Intel as i9 AMD has Ryzen nine and Intel as i10 AMD has a processor Ryzen ten. So these are the numbers we’re going to be functioning within a period that range.

But we don’t require to go witness seven or the nine if we’re just a new computer user. If we’re not functioning for more work, we’re just searching, scanning the web might be writing a lot of emails, playing a few normal games, then we don’t require to go any higher than that, to be honest.

If we’re functioning a few tasks more then we should upgrade to the i5 or the Ryzen five now if our intention on functioning large work, then upgrade to the i7 or the Ryzen seven, and if we required a potential user then we need to upgrade to the i9 or the Ryzen nine.

But we’re going to pay a large amount of money on those i9 and Ryzen nine or i10 and Ryzen ten processors. So that’s the processor, so based on our requirements, we select what’s best for us so it goes like this, the new users, start with the power of the three utilizers are might utilize the nines and everybody else is going to be in between so we choose the five or the seven that’s up to us now if it doesn’t affect to us who produce the processor, then go with the one that’s on sale we’re not going to waste on everything.

Now the second part of the topic best computer buying guide, we should focus on it’s the RAM. The computer we should buy with four gigabytes (4GB) around, but I’m recommending that we should start with eight gigabytes (8GB) around.

What we want at least eight gigabytes (8GB) of RAM in our computer structure to permit Windows and any other app enough cache to functioning. If we have an onboard graphic card then the system is already gonna pull some of that RAM from the system Ram just to present images on the screen.

If we’re starting with four gigabytes we might waste one or two gigabytes on our fixed graphic card. So my recommendation on the RAM is to start with at least eight gigabytes or a little more. And most of these systems are upgradable anyway, some of them go up to 16 or 32 so if our intention is to add more RAM as possible. Next see for the maximum amount of RAM that we can put into that system.

In case that we want 16(GB) that’s fine if we want 32(GB) that’s better, if the pc structure goes up to 16 gigabytes that’s fine we don’t have upgrade to 32(GB) because a large amount of memory is not going to be utilized if we’re not getting the benefit of it.

In the third part, we are focusing on our topic best computer buying guide is a Graphics card. Now a lot of parts and systems have attached with the graphic card which means it’s built into the structures, not something extra.

They’re a system that has an extra graphic card, that’s it in the graphic slot on the motherboard. Not an option of the graphic card that is on board with an expansion slot. It’s all going to depend on what we’re trying to do.

So new users can just get away with the onboard graphic card while our power users now and gamers and stuff like that are moving towards the expansion slot graphic card because they want a few graphic power.

They want to drive more displays of the graphic card. We can have two monitors joined to one that’s built into the system, and then the expansion slot graphic cards usually come with their own memory built-in.

So it does not satisfy the system memory it arrives in various sizes two, three, four, eight so look for the kind of graphic card if that’s what we’re trying to take or continue with on-board if we’re a new user. So that’s going to be a choice part and it all depends on us.

In the fourth part, we are focusing on our topic best computer buying guide is storage. We should move with the solid-state drive (SSD) or the hard disk drive (HDD). The difference between those two is going to be based on rate and quickness.

The SSD is going to provide us 5 times more quickness and it’s going to cost more, based on how much storage we require. If we go with the hard disk drive is going to cost less we’re going to bring lots of storage, but it’s not moved to be as fast as the SSD drive.

We can divide up again as far as the choice our new utilizers can go to a regular hard disk drive. our power utilizers are the ones who are going to select the SSD drive more for storage.

The more storage we get, the more we’re going to pay it with the SSD drives, and you can get a whole lot more for the same price. when the hard disk drives now if the system what we’re buying  might Come to an SSD and there’s no choice well we just have to go with what we got.

But there’s a chance they’re going to bring us the minimum quantity of storage that SSD drive might be 250 gigabytes (GB) or 500 gigabytes (GB) versus a terabyte or two which we should bring on a pc which has a hard disk drive so those are our choices as far as storage.

The screen is the valuable fifth part, we are focussing on our topic best computer buying guide. In today’s digital world we have to keep our eyes safe and healthy. So we have to choose the best eye care screen for protection.

If we’re going for the desktop, we can choose whatever screen size we want. For the laptop, we can choose 13 inches or 14 inches and this 15.6, etc. We can get just 17 Inches now of course, if we go with a 17 inch that’s a bigger screen right there.

Now, as far as our desktop variety, those come in different sizes, we got our 18.5 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 32 inches we receive the display screen. They come in many types and depending on what pc structure we bring.

If it can handle two monitors then we can actually have two monitors on our desk, our laptop usually has a port that we can add and the additional monitor might be the DisplayPort or it might be the HDMI port.

So if we’re at home sitting on our desk, we can hook up our Laptop to that external display screen and now we have a workstation going on and then we can Disconnect the cable and take that laptop with we versus the desktop so the laptop is always going to give it that flexibility, but we can turn the laptop into a desktop work environment.

So screen styles on whichever system we go a laptop or the desktop is going to be our choice that which display screen we require.

The sound is the sixth part of our topic best computer buying guide. Now, as far as the sound we don’t have to worry about that laptop, desktop all they come with Some type of sound output.

All of them come with a headphone slot with a cable that we can feed the Sound out to an external speaker.

And most desktops come with an Optical out where we can supply the sound out through that optical cable. And most of the computer Comes with Bluetooth so we can supply that sound out wirelessly.

That’s how we get the Sound out of the computer to the speaker. We have some of the options there we Can select from now as far as ports we got our standard USB port.

Some computer comes with a USB port, not all but some will also, they’ve come with an HDMI port, but Some come with a DisplayPort those are two digits ports that just Two different forms factor our desktop computers usually going to come with Wi-Fi and Ethernet port for wired connection, our laptop usually comes with the same Configuration of the Ethernet port and Wi-Fi.

The 7th part of today’s topic best computer buying guide is the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard comes with a backlit keyboard so we Can type in a low-the-light situation now as far as the keyboard on The mouse on the desktop, some come with a wireless keyboard and mouse and some come with the wired keyboard and mouse.

If it comes with a wired and we’re trying to Get wireless or we can just buy the wireless Keyboard and mouse separately. But I personally recommend all to go with a wired keyboard and mouse is the best option.

Now the 8th part I want to discuss in this topic best computer buying guide is the software. At this time Windows 10 home version is going to be the software of choice now.

Then we receive our pro version which really made for business, if we select to go with the pro version, there’s nothing wrong with that.

We will get all the features of the business as a user in the pro system. That’s usually, more enhance security and some Other features that are not in the home version of Windows 10.

Which one I would recommend well it doesn’t really matter the home version is good for home users because a lot of that Pro stuff they’re not going to use. so we can do a lot of things on Windows and The Mac so we need the highest level of software for us.

The kind of work we know the last piece of software I want to discuss in the office. Now office comes in two flavors we got the subscription-based version which is office 365 and then we can buy the full version of office without worrying about the subscription because subscription we have to renew every year/month and with the Full version.

We don’t have to worry about renewing it every year. We will still get updates, so don’t think that we’re not going to receive updates. Because we have the full version Microsoft will still keep updating the full version as long as they wanted to whatever time frame decides to keep updating it till they cut off.

While the three-six-two-five we never have to worry about buying another version of Windows anymore. Because whatever the version comes they would just keep On updating it.

So that’s going to be our choice right there a subscription or the full version. I like the full version because I don’t have to worry about the subscription. I was gonna use that office till I decided.

Most of us need another version which usually people use the office for a very long time before they decide to upgrade to another version.

Because some people right now that’s running the office in 2016 and actually, somebody is Running office 2007 apparently, what they do, they don’t require the newer version of the office’s all good with them.

So I’m recommending to all if we Don’t want to deal with the subscription go with the office full Version is a one-time cost it’s going to cost us more, but is it going to be cheaper in the long run because Of this.

We have to keep on renewing . so we can do this for the next 10 years or we can buy the office one time for probably about two-three hundred Dollars and use it whenever we want to upgrade.

The 9th part of our topic best computer buying guide is the UPS. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can keep our computer running even if the power grid has gone dark. There are many different kinds of UPS’s on the market with different internal workings. But all kinds of UPS are similar in that we plug the UPS into the electricity board, then we plug whatever our using a computer monitor or server rack or whatever into the UPS kind of like you would a power strip or surge protector.

The UPS has an internal battery that gets charged from the electric board. If the power goes out we UPS can keep our work running. Keep in mind however that UPS is designed to give us enough time to save our work and shut down our computer properly, so we don’t lose anything important. But that’s kind of it buys the right UPS can give us longer running time more features and increase reliability.

So how do we know what to pick one of the most important specs to pay attention to is how much power the UPS can deliver, what makes this a little complicated, though, is that it isn’t just a matter of saying matching our power supply wattage to the UPS’s.

UPS capacities are typically given in both amps instead of watts. But those of us who paid attention to physics will know that. Volts times Amps give us what so isn’t that just the same thing. In UPS land though they aren’t because of resistance present in electrical load.

So we’ll want to pick up UPS with a volt amp rating 50 to 75 percent above. Whatever the typical wattage load from our PC will be and of course make sure our factor in everything else that we have plugged in such as a monitor. some UPS’s are also what’s called line-interactive meaning.

They have a special transformer built-in that can deal with voltage dips or surges. If we live in an area where the power grid just yet the best and we have to deal with stuff like frequent brownouts that make our lights flicker.

Since electronics need a steady supply of power. This can give us a great additional layer of protection, even if the power doesn’t go out completely have also paid attention to what kind of software.

The UPS comes with many units. It will allow us to connect the UPS to our computer with a USB cable and use software that will tell the battery life of our ups and how many minutes of up-time to expect if the power goes out as well as automatically shut down Our computer properly once the battery gets low.

Some UPS software will even save our work for our beforehand a very useful tool. In case we stepped out of the room or even left the house entirely when the power went out and of course, we want to make sure that whatever UPS we get can actually give us enough run time off the battery. Many UPS will state a number of minutes on the spec sheet.

But remember this is only at a certain wattage, so we have tons of stuff plugged in and we’re in the middle of gaming at 4k we simply won’t have as much time so keep these tips in our mind.

The last part of today’s topic best computer buying guide is online shopping. With the advancement in technology and science, people can now do various things within the comfort of their homes and one such thing is online shopping.

It’s gained plenty of the spotlight due to its ever-increasing demand and crazy among people. Online shopping refers to the way of buying products online without actually going to offline or nearby physical stores.

There are several advantages of shopping online, due to which individuals are chosen for this method of shopping.

(1) Online shopping is the ability to shop at a time that is convenient for you.

(2) No need to go offline shop and stay in the crowd.

(3) No need to wait for the shops to open.

(4) Online shopping is the best option for people who do not have much time and are busy with their and business work.

(5) Online shopping saves valuable time and fair expenses.

(6) Online shopping helps us to shop 24×7.

(7) We get cheap deals and the best prices.

(8) We even have the advantage of discount coupons.

(9) Easy online payment method, or cash on delivery payments, EMI facilities available.

(10) Easy exchange, and refunds available. We are able to also compare product prices and qualities with other shopping sites.

According to my opinion, online shopping is the best choice for me.

So these are the key features I really wanted to point out in our topic best computer buying guide you as far as buying a computer because Sometimes I get asked about buying a computer and how much It’s gonna cost and all this stuff, but it really boils down to what are you doing with that computer, so look At those key features and match it up to your knees and You have an easy time picking out what you want.

This topic I hope it was helpful if it was helpful to go and share this blog. If You have any questions about this topic go ahead and leave them in the comment section and I will answer them For you, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this topic.

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