How to create a website for affiliate marketing

Friends, in this part, we’re discussing a complete tutorial on how to create a website for affiliate marketing in the simplest process. There are lots of affiliate marketing tutorials online, but some of them are old and not relevant for modern days. The guides are old processes that don’t perform efficiently today, and lots of provides value content doesn’t present us with how to do it. 

These are the main process we have to follow are like

(1) Find a niche

If we want to create an affiliate marketing website, it is essential to choose a niche we are starting to discuss on our website.

It is very to relate to a topic because it affects the audience’s belief in our ability, and they are highly believable to purchase a product.

How to choose a niche or topic

If you need to select or decide on a niche for affiliate marketing here some niches are Technology, Travel, Food, Relationships and Dating, Health, Wealth, Internet Marketing, Weight Loss and Fitness, Self Improvement, Personal Finance, Pets, Parenting, etc.

These types of niches are great affiliate marketing with a large number of products and they have lots of audiences checking regularly for issues and results.

Select a niche that we are experts in. The more unique our selection, the develop up to a secure target.

For example, the best laptop cooler pads, laptop cooler pads mostly use gammers laptops or editing experts for controlling laptops from overheating. Cooling pads are increasing in demand in modern days.

In this niche, there is sufficient content for a visitor, and the opportunity of the content barriers the types of goods we can suggest.

Be critical about the niche, we want to create for an affiliate marketing website. Basically, a simple topic for us to make content for our expertise field.

If fully our analysis targets almosts starting a blog like on financial, but we feel inexpert with money and numbers, we’re better to shift into another field in which we are experts.

(2) Find an Affiliate Program best suitable for all

There is normally 2 separate process to search affiliates via one-off affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

While we work with one special product, we normally do so via their affiliate program. Every affiliate program may have separate terms, conditions, and payments.

If we’re at the beginning, we’ll require to discover products that we require to perform with to analyze if they provide an affiliate program. 

For example, if our website is in the travel niche, we have to develop into an affiliate for a low expensive website.

Affiliate networks relate with lots of sellers, providing us with a large field of goods to select from.

Amazon affiliate is one of the highest popular platforms which approves us to get a commission from all products.

It’s not easy to look at affiliate payouts while choosing our affiliates. For all affiliate programs or products are same conditions apply.

It’s important to understand how we get commission while checking affiliate programs.

Here are the 3 primary processes for affiliate programs referrals payments are

Pay Per-click- While an audience clicks on our affiliate link, the seller pays us some amount as commission.

Pay Per-lead- We get some payout when a visitor clicks on our link and enters their data on the seller’s website.

Pay Per-sale- We get paid while an audience clicks on our link and buys from an affiliated seller.

(3) Purchase a domain name and Web Hosting

Once we have selected our niche and affiliate product, it’s time to create our affiliate marketing website.

Friends, do you know What is a domain, and what is web hosting?

A “domain name” is the address of our website. For example- My domain name is and Google’s domain name is

We should select the easiest, short, and related to our niche names that can be easy to remember for our audience. So we have to make assure we don’t go with something irrelevant or difficult to recognize.

After that, we should go for web hosting. When our domain name is like identity, the hosting is like the storage area for all of our data. It’s where all the information or data is stored relevant to our website.


Do you know friends, Bluehost and Hostinger are the most demanding and reliable web hosting companies in the world?

With truly most of satisfying consumers, they put full efforts into satisfying customers and which is difficult for its competitors.

Bluehost and hosting are the best-suggested web hosting by Also, I am using Bluehost last some years and it performs very well.

All the account presents a one-click WordPress installation. They are the most popular, and low-cost web hosting.

Both are especially excellent for the start of their useful characters and a one-click WordPress installation process.

We should Click the “get started now” button and let’s get started. Choose a hosting plan according to our requirements.

Actually, if we are just beginning a website I suggest all the basic plans but, if we are actually determined about running a website and need more capacity and features then select the Prime or Pro plan.

We have to remember that, we have to improve and renew our plan as we rise.

Choose a Domain Name and Hosting

Go for a domain with the domain name search bar. We can select easily and can change the domain name future. If we have purchased a domain name, type it

in the “I have a domain name” box. Bluehost is reasonably sufficient to provide a FREE domain name with all new hosting accounts made.

Check all the features data provided by the company and decide what terms and conditions are needed. We can purchase or renew the terms for 36 months,

24 months, or 12 months suitably. Read the requirements for making the password and create a strong password.

If we require any suggestions we have to click the “Suggest Password” option. Continue and log in and start with our fresh Bluehost account.

Set up an affiliate marketing website

After getting a domain and hosting we are ready to set up our website and add the required menu or pages. We can easily set up our website on WordPress.

There are lots of website builders online. WordPress is the best platform for setting up a website.

Install our WordPress Website

We have to confirm whether this website will be for personal or business purposes. At first, we might choose a free theme on We can always upgrade or set our theme future.

(4) Set Up Themes and Plugins

We don’t require any additional appearance on our fresh affiliate marketing website.

Without coding knowledge, we can make an affiliate marketing a website that performs for us.  It’s actually very easy on a website builder for WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) with hundreds of beautiful and useful themes which secure our website and function smoothly.

After the website has been set up, plugins can benefit us upgrade and recording our affiliate links. A normal type of plugin for affiliate marketers is a link cloaking plugin.

Affiliate links can be higher abilities of numbers, which may affect our visitors to suspicious links.

Link cloaking plugins such as Pretty Links permit us to quickly and straightly to a page under our URL than the external affiliate.

Which defines links view highly believable and support the internal and external links on all page. orderly permits us to rank higher in search engines.

(5) Create Niche-Specific Content

After setting up themes and pluggings we should create high-quality niche-specific content, which is the key part for driving audience, clicks to conversions also.

The highly popular kinds of content are like

(a) How-to guides and tutorials that feature products and services
(b) Reader testimonials
(c) Tools or services summary
(d) Product reviews and comparisons

As well as these posts created to highlight a number of affiliate links, we can create articles on nearly every beneficial content within our niche and include links to affiliated products for our visitors.

To excellent quality content structures for our website, we have to realize what our visitors commonly inquire about online. We have to prepare lots of keyword research.

We don’t require to buy high-quality software quickly. There are lots of free keyword research tools to benefit us get content with the best search the volume which isn’t high competing for our fresh affiliate website.

Online platforms such as Quora, and Medium also bring us helpful vision into the questions and problems audiences generally have in our topic.

If we start a personal finance blog and search for a highly competitive niche like “credit” and detect by questions, we’ll view lots of excellent topics for value-making content.

(6) Set Up Analytics

We can’t earn in cash immediately after creating our affiliate marketing website.

Maybe some cases can be possible to earn, and some things will reflect with our visitors when most cannot.

The crucial part is to realize which processes work and why, so we can recreate them.

The 2 highly effective processes to assess are like

(a) Clicks- This gives us proper information on how generally our audiences click with our links and which links work nicely.

To get data for each click, we’ll require to install our Google Analytics to record links applying unique code or apply a plugin called MonstarInsights.

(b) Earnings Per Click (EPC)- This is earnings divided by the total number of clicks. It will give us data on which our visitors want to purchase and which link areas are the high engagement.

From there, we can analyze the links which generate the high income.

(7) Improve our Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If we want to get the advantage of our affiliate website highly, we’ll require to develop it for search engines. These are some processes to improve our SEO-

(a) Apply absolute keywords like in the title, meta descriptions, headings, main body, and anchors on our article.

(b) Place keyword-rich to our image definitions as alt text.

(c) All posts have to link to some of our website’s associated content as internal links.

(d) Place links to domains that are proper in our niche.

(e) Create social media share buttons.

(f) There are lots of software, like Ubersuggest, SEMRush, Majestic SEO, and SEOMoz provides a one-stop-shop for each of our SEO requirements.

(8) Make Use Of Social Media to promote our Content

To get a higher audience and promote our websites, and blogs, we have to be alive on social media.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and Medium are the high authority platforms for advertising content as an affiliate.

Search for groups that are linked to our product’s business point. These linked groups are a great way to increase a product’s organic visitor traffic.

(9) Make email list

As digital marketers, one of the highest achievement processes we can do is create an email list of our followers. By following up on our email list of special content followers.

If we have got their email, we might get subscribers useful content with promoting emails.

To get the highest from our email marketing, we’ll possibly require to review our acquisition for the excellent email marketing platforms that will make all processes simple.

For freshers, creating an affiliate marketing website needs lots of strategies and analysis to get assure that we’re selecting the proper niche for us.

The highly essential part of building an affiliate site is making useful content and tracking our outcomes.

With lots of self-control and knowledge of planning, we can assure to monetize of our website satisfyingly.

If we’re ready for affiliate marketing, we should have to create our website with a free, perceptive, simple tool like Bluehost’s website builder now.

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