How to Choose the Best Affiliate Programs?

Best affiliate programs for beginners

How to create a website for affiliate marketing

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Programs?

(1) Payment options and amount (2) Cookie lifetime (3) Relevancy (4) Payment logistics (5) Creative assets conversion rates (6) Competition

Payment options and Amount

There are normally 2 kinds of payment systems are flat and recurring. The flat system is a one-time payment for physical products per sale.

Cookie Lifetime

These cookies are applied to find our computer as we apply a network. While we're seeing affiliate marketing programs, we'll need to realize how much time the cookie will remain on the customer's device.


Select products which good for audience. Don't select a product that's not good for our visitors only for high commission. We'll  lose the belief our audience has in us, and we expectedly won't be making a single sale.

Payment Logistics

We have to assure we realize how much the affiliate program generally provides commissions, where we'll get the payment, and in which currency they pay.

Creative and Promotional Assets and Conversion Rates

Usually companies offer creative assets like banners, graphics, coupons we can apply to suggest their products. These can be especially best products to use. 


Is the product already sold by lots of marketers? If the market looks high competition and the company doesn't look suitable to benefit the  conversions for sales, Its better for taking the next opportunities.

Different programs of Affiliate Marketing

How to create a website for affiliate marketing

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