Is html programming language

Why is it a good choice to learn HTML first?

History of HTML

What is HTML ?

Is html programming language

HTML is not a programming language. HTML is a markup language. HTML defines Hypertext Markup Language. 

Programming language permits us to describe some sort of process of doing something. HTML is a way of adding context and design to text. HTML is used for making web pages and web apps.

Why is it a good choice to learn HTML first?

HTML was created for explaining the design of files like headings, paragraphs, categories, quickly delivering scientific data between departments.

(1) HTML begins the journey to the world of web development, so linked with CSS knowledge, we can make stunning  perfect-looking websites too.

(2) If we want to be a  web designers, we should learn HTML and CSS designing. (3) For a stunning website, increase its speed and execution, it is nice to have knowledge of HTML to get quick results.

(4) After getting ideas of HTML then other programs like javascript, PHP are became easy to understand. (5) We can get lots of unique ideas which will be essential for programming.

(6) We can learn accurate and careful work that is needed for programming. (7) We can learn how to code editing needs, and we can open by scripting our own code as if we have programming experience.

History of HTML

(1) 1989   Tim Berners-Lee invented www (2) 1991   Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML

(3) 1993   Dave Raggett drafted - HTML+ (4) 1995   HTML Working Group defined - HTML 2.0 (5) 1997   W3C Recommendation - HTML 3.2

(6) 1999   W3C Recommendation - HTML 4.01 (7) 2000   W3C Recommendation - XHTML 1.0 (8) 2008   WHATWG HTML5 First Public Draft

(9) 2012   WHATWG HTML5 Living Standard (10) 2014  W3C Recommendation - HTML5 (11) 2016  W3C Candidate Recommendation - HTML 5.1

(12) 2017  W3C Recommendation - HTML5.1 2nd Edition (13) 2017  W3C Recommendation - HTML5.2

What are the features of HTML

What is the difference between programming languages and markup languages?

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