What is the computer processor?

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The processor is known as a microprocessor or Central Processing Unit(CPU). It is the essential integrated circuit that is attached to devices to perform all tasks. A processor can manage all components and instructions like logical, input, output, arithmetic, and others to run the computer system properly. Processor is the heart of a computer. Processors are mostly used in electronic devices like computers, TV, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. And also can manage Wi-Fi, GPS, phone calls, and various units.

Where is the Processor?

The CPU is found at the heart of a computer, attached to the motherboard. It placed under a cooling fan of motherboard for keep cooling, so we hardly able to see it if we hold the side angle off the desktop PC.

A processor is a strong unit and would get very hot without a special cooling system. In a desktop computer, the processor and the cooler are not fixed at the motherboard, it can remove simply.

If any issues with the motherboard replacing process of CPU or processor is a very simple step. But a processor cannot be normally changed for a new part, anyhow, like the CPU should require to be suitable along with the motherboard.

But in laptops, the processor and cooler cannot be changed easily (likely impossible to change). It’s hard to replace the motherboard either, So we can say the Laptop motherboards are none convertible.

Primary Components of CPU

(1) Control Unit (CU)

The control unit manages the process input and output devices, the Arithmetic and Logic Unit, and the computer’s memory react to the direction transmit to the CPU. It brings the input, applies it in a translated form, and then delivers it for preparing to the device’s processor, where the chosen process is completed.

There are two kinds of Control units(a) Hardwire CU  (b) Microprogrammable CU.

Functions of Control Unit

(1) It manages the adjustment in that information get in and out of the processor and further the process the preparations are completed.
(2) It is important for detecting the input, transforming it into signals, and keeping it for further processing.
(3) It manages the working of various parts of the processor such as ALU and Registers.

(2) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

The Arithmetic and Logical Unit is important for arithmetical and logical estimates inclusive of taking decisions in the system. It is also known as the mathematical brain of the computer. The ALU makes practices of registers for the calculations. It holds input from input registers, acts functions on the information, and keeps the output in an output register.

Functions of ALU

(1) ALU is mainly practiced to make decisions like performing arithmetic and logical operations.
(2) It acts as a bridge between the device’s main memory and the secondary memory.
(3) Each data that is transfered among the main memory and secondary memory passes over the ALU.


(3) Registers

Registers are a component of a device’s memory storage which is practiced to keep the information temporarily to arranges the processor along with the information at times of require. They perform a major part in the processing of information. Registers are recognized as Processor registers.

They keep information in the pattern of the memory location and later the preparing of the guidance present at that memory location is finished, it keeps the memory location of the other direction. There are a lot of registers that act various operations.

Functions of Registers-

(1) Input registers are practiced to bring the input.
(2) Output registers are practiced to bring the output.
(3) Temporary registers keep information not permanently.
(4) Address registers keep the address of the memory.
(5) The program counter keeps the placement of the information.
(6) Data registers keep the memory operative.
(7) Instruction registers keep the information codes.

(4) Cache

The cache is a kind of Random Access Memory that keeps low numbers of information and preparations not temporarily that might be practiced according to the needed. It lowers the number of time required to carry the directions as oppositely carrying it from the RAM, it might be straightly approached from Cache in a little several times.

Functions of Cache

(1) Cache decreases the number of times required to carry and eliminate directions.
(2) Cache keeps information not permanently for the next practice.

(5) Buses

A bus is connected among the various parts of the computer device and the processor. Buses are practiced to deliver directions and information from the processor to other systems and alternatives.

Types of Buses

Data bus– It is a practice to deliver real information from the processor to the units.
Control bus– It is the practice to deliver control signals from the processor to various systems.
Address bus– It is practice to deliver memory addresses from processors to various units.

Functions of Bus

(1) It is practiced to divide information among various systems.
(2) It manages energy to various units of the device.

(6) Clock

The clock manages the timing and quickness of the operations of other components of the processor. It delivers electrical directions that determine the timing and quickness of the operations.

Functions of Clock

(1) It manages the integration of the parts of our device.
(2) It maintains an update of the present date and time.


Types of processors

A Processor is an essential unit that manages all of the arithmetics and directions that are transmitted to various units of the device and its segments. The quickness of the CPU accepts to direct the input program.

The units are reliable and energetic while connected to the CPU. We can select the best part according to our requirement. The leading manufacturers of CPUs are AMD and Intel. In the past, the processors are engaged to detect the proper and powerful processor.

The Intel 486 is faster than 386, but later announced the Pentium processor, the processors are such as Duron, Celeron, Pentium, and Athlon. The different kinds of the processor are made in various structures such as 64 bit and 32 bit with the fastest and adjustable ability.

The major parts of processors are

(1) Single-core processors

It is the earliest kind of CPU that is applicable and engaged in the highest of all types of computers. The single-core processor might execute only one command at a time and it’s not efficient in multi-tasking.

It signifies that there is a markable declination in performance if more than a single application is completed. If a function starts running, the other function should hold as far as the earlier one is completed.

But if it is filled with various functions, the action of the the computer is extremely slow. The action of a single-core processor depends on its clock speed by calculating its ability.

(2) Dual-core processors

A processor that remains of 2x capacities cores and actions like dual processor operating like one. Different processors with one core, the processor needs to switch back and forth in a different pattern of information flows and if a lot of risks are completed, the dual-core processor arranges the balances adequately.

To apply the dual-core processor adequately, the working functions and operating system should retain a special code agreeing on various interwave systems attached to it. The dual-core processor is faster than a one-core processor but not as powerful as the quad-core processor.

(3) Quad-core processors

The quad-core processor is a dedicated system of various core processor characters and structures along with four cores on one processor. Likely to a dual-core processor, which shares the pressure in among the cores, and quad-core enables for efficient various functioning.

It doesn’t determine a single function that is 4x faster than others. Except the functions and performing completed on it by SMT code will quicken the speed and turns into insignificant.

This kind of processor is practiced in people who require to complete various types of functions at related time as gamers, series of supreme commander which is upgraded in different core processors.

(4) Hexa Core processors

It is one more core processor that is applicable along with six cores and might complete the task that acts faster than the quad-core and dual-core processors.

For employers of the pc, the processors of Hexacore are easy and the Intel is created with Inter core i7 in 2010 with Hexa core processor.

But here the users of smartphones utilize only quad-core and dual-core processors. Present days, smartphones are applicable among hexacore processors.

(5) Octa-core processor

The dual-core is made with two cores, four cores are made-in quad-core, Hexa appears with six cores where the octa processors are upgraded along eight separate cores to eliminate a useful work which is cable and alike performs faster than quad-core processors.

Leading octa-core processors contain a dual structure of quad-core processors which shares various actions among the different kinds. Usually, the low-powered core units are operating to create progressive works.

If there is a demand, the fast four units of cores will be provided. In proper, the octa-core is accurately determined along with the dual-code core and a fix is likely to provide the efficient action.

(6) Deca-core processors

The processor along double core contains two cores, 4 cores are applicable along with quad cores, six cores are applicable in hexacore processors. Deca-core is applicable along with ten independent structures which are set up to eliminate and arrange the work which is wealthy than different processors which are advanced until now.

Owning a PC, or a system built along a deca-core processor is a perfect choice. It is quicker than different processors and more wealthy in various actions. Deca-core processors are leading along with its upgrade characters.

Maximum of the smartphones are now applicable along with Deca core processors along with cheap price and never turn into expired. Maximum components in the market are advanced along fresh processors to bring maximum helpful desires to people.

Mainstream processors of CPU

The medium processors are defined as primary processors that are relatively bigger and arranges better actions such as video editing, 3D gaming, and different multimedia adjusted functions.

It is likely to cheap price processors which are performed to complete the necessary works in a worthwhile process. Like a CPU might be simply arranged to function office programs, photo editing, internet searching, and different essential works.

Processor usabilities

Processors are also separated on the support of their management. After all, each system keeps various needs, they more require various processors for them.These processors are characterized by the support of the systems on that processors are going to be utilized.

(1) Desktop processors

These are the processors which are employed in regular working desktop PCs. Desktop processors keep up to 32 CPU cores or more. Often desktop processors might be consists attached graphics along with them.

(2) Laptop processors

Laptop processors are fixed in portable laptops. Laptop processors further include inserted graphics. They are not changeable. The processors build for laptops exhaust minimum energy and further make minimum heat as related to desktop.

(3) Server processors

Server processors are connected every time performing servers. These processors might have large numbers of CPU cores up to 78 or higher. Still, these processors might further be connected to desktops.

These processors are built-in as a process, that exhausts minimum energy and make minimize heat as these processors can have to perform in 24×7 working servers, so they are furthermore costly.

Processor Brands

(1) Intel
(2) American Micro Devices (AMD)
(3) IBM
(4) Motorola
(5) Texas Instruments
(6) Cyrix

AMD and Intel processors are most leading in the world. AMD and Intel are for IBM-related devices. Motorola chips are built for MacIntoshes. Cyrix (another IBM-related chip producer) performs a far-off fourth zone in conditions of several chips trade.

At present each chip producers make chips that input and output are similar, still, the internal structure could be separate. This factores that still they might not be made the exact process, they act each performs the similar software.

The processor is made applying sensible ports and includes a minimum character of functions known as ‘microcode’ create within the chip to operate assured primary procedures (such as scanning information from the bus and print to a system).

Present chips apply a ‘reduced instruction set’ or RISC structures. Chips might be consistent in conditions of directions prepared per second.


There is a various process in that processors are separated. The separation for kinds of processors might trusts on the character of CPU cores, application of CPU, producer, structure, and on lots of stuff.

CPUs separated on the support of the character of cores have various numbers of CPU cores, such as single-core, dual-core, quad-core, etc.

CPUs are separated on the support of their applied partitions by the base on that they are applied, such as desktop, laptop, server, etc.Producers as Intel and AMD have further separated their processors on a various base.

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